“The Washington Post is exactly right when it says, ‘Democracy dies in darkness.’ It is ironic, then, that the Post is part of the problem, not the solution”

The American media is failing you
by Professor Charles Lipson
October 30, 2020

American journalism has lost its bearings, and we are all paying the price. For the past four years, egged on by President Trump, mainstream news swiftly descended past the first circle of hell — subtle partisanship — and reached a far darker, hotter one: blatant favoritism, stories killed for purely partisan reasons and occasional propaganda masquerading as solid news. Journalism’s decline mirrors that of other American institutions, but it has compounded the social damage. A thriving democracy depends on free and open debate and informed debate depends on trustworthy news. For most Americans, that trust has evaporated. READ MORE

WALL STREET JOURNAL Maria Bartiromo and James Freeman: Trump’s Already Won Win or lose, Amer­i­ca’s 45th pres­i­dent de­serves credit for a more com­pet­i­tive econ­omy, a na­tion at peace and a se­cure rule of law. Don­ald Trump doesn’t tram­ple Amer­i­cans’ rights. He doesn’t start wars; he ends them. And he makes com­ments that of­fend peo­ple. The cost of sup­port­ing Mr. Trump is en­dur­ing awk­ward mo­ments when he says things that pres­i­dents shouldn’t say. The ben­e­fit is that he cham­pi­ons U.S. lib­erty and pros­per­ity, and a thriv­ing Amer­ica is a ben­e­fit to the world.

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