“If Eton College sticks to its ejection of one of its finest teachers, progressive rot has truly set in.

England’s Top School Fires Teacher for Thought Crimes
by Cameron Hilditch
December 4, 2020

…Older students at Eton take a class called Perspectives, in which they’re exposed to different takes on a topical issue. Mr. [Will] Knowland showed a video of his own making during this class called “The Patriarchy Paradox.” During the course of the lecture, he argued that men and masculinity have been indispensable to the progress of human civilization and that the two sexes differ at fundamental psychological and biological levels. He then dutifully circulated this to other teachers on the Perspectives programme and received the inevitable anonymous denouncement, which was upheld by the powers that be at the school. Remote students were prevented from accessing the lesson on the school’s website, and [Head Master Simon] Henderson even demanded that it be taken down from Knowland’s private, non-affiliated YouTube channel. After repeatedly refusing to be censored in this way without any due cause being offered up by his employer, he was fired. READ MORE

The YouTube that got Will Knowland fired:

THE COLLEGE FIX UChicago refuses to punish professor protested for criticizing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts Associate Professor Dorian Abbot recently took on the push to hire women and underrepresented minorities rather than select the best candidate for the job, bias against Chinese and Christian students, and other hot-button topics, drawing the ire of protesting students who said the scholar made them feel unsafe.

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