“While Trump did call on the protesters to cease and desist, he also incited their actions during his remarks at the rally”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Trump Rings in the Era of “Total Political Correctness”
by Caroline Glick
January 8, 2021

…Trump told them Biden stole the election and that with the Republican loss of the Senate, America was going to the dogs. He also told them to march to the Capitol. True, as the lack of police presence outside the Capitol building indicated, there was little concern that the Trump supporters would behave violently. Trump probably didn’t think they would. But, by lighting matches in a barn, Trump burned down his own legacy. He won’t be remembered for lowering taxes and rebuilding the U.S. economy or for bringing peace to the Middle East. He will be remembered for sending his supporters to the Capitol where they rioted. READ MORE

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