“Sorry to break it to you Dad,” I told him with a sad look, “but Sammy’s is done”

Kaddish for Knishes? Post-pandemic, Jewish delis face an uncertain future
by David Sax
February 5, 2021

…The list of victims continues to grow: Label’s Table, Jerry’s, and soon Nate N’ Al in Los Angeles. Moishe’s steakhouse in Montreal, Zaidy’s in Denver, Hamsah Mediterranean Grill (kosher) in Pittsburgh, and Mile End in Birmingham, Alabama. In New York, the spiritual home of Jewish nosheries, Sammy’s, Jay and Lloyd’s and Pastrami Masters both went dark in Brooklyn, while the tiny, beloved B&H Dairy hangs on by its fingernails. The reasons are the same everywhere: lockdowns that have shut all indoor dining, restrictions that have curtailed capacity, staff laid low by the virus, a recession like no other in memory. Regulations change without warning, and Jewish food businesses have to decide each time whether to invest thousands of dollars to rapidly adapt (ie: build a heated patio), or whether to wait and see if there’s even a point…READ MORE

HYPERALLERGIC A Loving Tribute to the Egg Cream, New York’s Classic Drink The short film “Egg Cream” explores the history of the Downtown Jewish concoction. Egg Cream is available to watch on Vimeo or OVID.

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