Next up at your exclusive private school: “Assessing word problems in math and rewriting them to be more representative and culturally sensitive”

‘Spirit Murder,’ Neo-Segregation and Science Denial in American Schools
February 5, 2021

My experience over the past few weeks trying to tackle the story of the crisis in American schooling puts me in mind of a handyman enlisted to fix a janky door hinge only to find out that the house was sliding off its foundation.  A distressed parent writes me from Harvard-Westlake (tuition: $41,300 a year; alma mater of the siblings Gyllenhaal). She tells me that, this fall, a dean lavished praise upon Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour, both Louis Farrakhan fans, in a high-school wide assembly. She is shocked and so I mirror it back. But at this stage of the game, in which Mallory is appearing in the pages of Vogue, I’m not surprised in the least. READ MORE

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