#Canceled: A Black Jewish “inclusion” officers condemns antisemitism in a post, but forgets to include Islamophobia, so of course she must resign

SCBWI Diversity Chief Resigns After Not Mentioning Islamophobia in Antisemitism Post
by Anders Anglesey
June 29, 2021

A Black Jewish inclusion officer at the world’s leading children’s book writer’s group has left her position after she did not mention Islamophobia in a post about rising cases of antisemitism. April Powers, previously Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer at the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), left her position following an outcry that she did not mention Islamophobia in her statement about the rise in crimes against Jews. The officer, who introduced herself as being Black and Jewish in a welcome video in June last year, shared the statement that said Jewish people have the right to live in safety. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER Actress Debra Messing Defends Former Officer at Children’s Book Authors Group Who Resigned Over Antisemitism Statement Row “April Powers must be given her job back,” tweeted the former “Will and Grace” star, who is Jewish. “This cannot go unchallenged. Condemning hate against Jews is NOT Islamophobic NOR Anti-Palestinian. If you think it is, you have a prejudice against Jews.”

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