IDF debuted “drone swarms to seek and attack hidden targets” in the May war in Gaza, “the first AI war from Israel’s perspective”

Drone swarms are coming to the Middle East and Israel is leading the way
by Seth J. Frantzman
July 12, 2021

Israel used drone swarm technology in the recent Gaza war. Much of that technology and how it was used has not been revealed, but what is important is the wider context. Drone swarms are a new concept and are linked to the development of artificial intelligence and networked military units, a futuristic battlefield application that uses the latest advances in technology. The use of this kind of technology in conflict has raised concerns for years as human rights groups decried the advent of “killer robots.” Evidence shows that what is actually happening is not the creation of “killer robots,” but rather the use of technology to enable drones and other autonomous or unmanned systems to work together. READ MORE

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