Nothing short of a credible military threat — and certainly not negotiations with a US leadership anxious to revive a failed accord — will deter the ayatollahs’ nuclear drive now

Iran — the gamble, the original sin, and the unthinkable current consequence
by David Horovitz
December 2, 2021

Having failed in his high-profile efforts to dissuade the Obama administration from sealing the radically inadequate 2015 deal with Iran, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s subsequent strategy for thwarting the ayatollahs’ nuclear weapons drive relied on a series of calculated judgments or, perhaps more accurately, gambles. First, Netanyahu encouraged the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the accord, and its imposition of “maximum pressure” sanctions, in the belief or hope that a combination of economic pressure, consequent domestic unrest, and the threat of US-led military action might compel the regime to set aside its bid for the bomb. Second, he relied on the Trump administration being prepared to take military actionREAD MORE

FDD Iran’s Nuclear Negotiators Make the U.S. Sit at the Kiddie Table Arms-control talks between Iran and the great powers resume Monday with a notable absence. At Tehran’s insistence, the U.S. delegation won’t have a seat at the table—its members must wait in an antechamber to be briefed by the Europeans. The mullahs have always relished humiliating Americans, particularly those eager to prove their benevolent intentions.

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