Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has urged UK community to keep those under bombardment in their prayers

Terror among Ukrainian Jews as Russia launches full-scale invasion
by Rosa Doherty
February 24, 2022

Ukraine’s Jews are braced for conflict as Russia’s troops invaded the country last night and Vladimir Putin pledged to “de-nazify” the country…The Israeli foreign ministry has also said it’s standing by to assist the Ukrainian Jewish population but has not received a call for assistance yet. The world Jewish relief charity has launched a crisis appeal saying they are: “Shocked and devastated by the news this morning that Russian forces have launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.”..Other groups are also urgently seeking donations to support Ukraine’s 100,000 Jews. Humanitarian aid charity Hatzalah Ukraine is hoping to raise £200,000 towards the costs of evacuations, transport, emergency medicine, police escorts and food and water. READ MORE

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