Primarily in response to PMW’s exposing the PA’s #PayToSlay policy in 2011, the PA’s income from foreign aid has plummeted by 90%

Why is the PA not paying its employees their full wages?
Maurice Hirsch
September 18, 2022

The Palestinian Authority is once again complaining about its alleged financial crisis. As a consequence of the alleged crisis, for months the PA has only paid its employees 70% – 80% of the salaries due to them. As usual, the PA is deflecting any responsibility for its situation and is merely blaming Israel. This approach was summed up in a statement of PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh following the July 31, 2022 decision of Israel’s Security Cabinet to implement Israel’s Anti-Pay-for-Slay Law that withholds tax money from the PA by the amount the PA pays in salaries to terrorists. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Lee Zeldin: Antisemitism ‘has to be found, confronted and crushed’ “I don’t believe that a dollar of US tax dollars should go to the Palestinian Authority if they continue rewarding terrorism.”

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