Decoding Bergdahl. It’s all about Gitmo.

by Richard Fernandez
June 5, 2014

…..You’d think Obama was hiding something. Even MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski notices that nothing about Bergdahl adds up :

The question about his health, it’s a controversy. Why, then, also given his background and everything that we are finding from people who served with him and people who have covered this story and letters that he’s written home — why would Susan Rice be sent out, Susan Rice, be sent out repeatedly to say he served honorably and really push that as one the fundamental reasons behind this swap? And thirdly, with the White House contending they consulted Congress — am I correct, that happened, right? Yes? Yes? They said they consulted Congress. And members of Congress saying they weren’t consulted. What’s going on here? What is going on here? Seriously, I don’t understand it.

“I don’t understand it.” Here Mika, let me explain.

It’s all about Gitmo, all about sending goodwill gifts to the Taliban and al-Qaeda. In fact, Chuck Todd, Mike Murray and Carrie Dann of NBC headline their story precisely that way: “What the Bergdahl Story is Really About: Gitmo”.

The real causality runs thus: Obama didn’t use the Taliban 5 to release Bergdahl. Obama used Bergdahl to release the Taliban 5. The false narratives about his poor health, his heroic record and the supposed consultation were all manufactured to fit this requirement. Obama really didn’t give a rat’s a** about Bergdahl. What he really wanted was to find some way to spring those five Taliban gentlemen.


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