Bullets and Bagels: The Jewish shooting club

by Ryan Torok
September 10, 2014

“Ready, Aim, Schmear.”

That was the banner hanging in the lobby of Orange County indoor shooting range FT3 Tactical, as members of Bullets and Bagels, a Jewish shooting club, turned out to try firing automatic Colt pistols, semi-automatic rifles and an assortment of other firearms during a meeting last month.

Inside the shooting range, 28 stalls faced a large, deep rectangular space. Paper targets depicting human silhouettes hung suspended from motorized wiring running across the ceiling. Bullet casings littered the floor.

“I’m not trying to make a statement,” said Yitzy Geisinsky, a Chabad of Long Beach member, holding his shoulder, which was in pain from the recoil of the shotgun he’d just been firing. “I’m here because it’s fun.”

A social club of Jewish community members, who tend to be based in Long Beach and northern Orange County, Bullets and Bagels consists of people who are interested in recreational shooting. The group meets every few months and is composed mostly of men, although the latest event of 30 participants on Aug. 17 included one woman. Dr. Fred Kogen, a Temple Israel of Long Beach congregant, mohel and physician, established the group two years ago…….


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