Anti-Israel SJP Stormtroopers, next stop: Tufts University


Students for Justice in Palestine continues their efforts to shut down pro-Israel voices, this time at Tufts University. Our Soldiers Speak, an organization that educates students by featuring reservist or active IDF officers who speak firsthand about their combat experience, presents Israeli Lt. Col. Dr. Eran Shamir-Borer at Tufts University Monday November 10. Shamir-Borer is an attorney and Head of the Strategic Affairs Branch in the International Law Department of the Military Advocate General’s Corps in the IDF.

SJP Tufts is backing a campaign to have Shamir-Borer’s speaking engagement canceled as in this op-ed from the Tufts Daily, “Shamir-Borer does not deserve a platform. He deserves a trial. One way you can reverse your complicity is by challenging his presence.” The article ends with a link to a petition requesting Shamir-Borer be disinvited. In advance of this engagement, The Boston Globe reports swastikas have appeared on event announcements.

To counter the SJP petition, which now has over 750 signatures, PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND EMAIL PRESIDENT MONACO NOW (see example below) at in support of this joint Fletcher and Hillel program and Lt. Col. Dr. Eran Shamir-Borer’s right to speak. If you are local, consider attending the program on November 10.

Dear President Monaco,

For the first time since receiving my acceptance letter to Tufts in the spring of 1992, I am ashamed to be associated with this once-great university. The dispute between Israel and the Palestinians is complicated to be sure, and, like every single other nation in the history of the world, Israel’s actions are not beyond criticism. Reasonable people can disagree about many aspects of the dispute; however, if one must choose a side in the dispute between Israel and Hamas-controlled Gaza, any moral and reasonable person must stand with Israel……

…..As President of the University, your job is to encourage, rather than suppress, the free exchange of ideas. Accordingly, the pro-terrorist faction on campus has a right to express its views, as do those who are pro-Israel. Accordingly, the administration must insist and ensure that Israeli Lt. Col. Dr. Eran Shamir-Borer speaks on campus on November 10th. No other action is acceptable.

I recognize that an issue like this places you and the administration in a difficult position — do you acknowledge which side is right and just in this dispute, and risk angering and inciting a vocal and possibly dangerous faction of the student body?  Or do you stand idly by and not express your views in an effort to appease?  The choice is clear – you should publicly state your support of Israel and condemn the terrorism of Hamas and the Palestinians.  Any other action would be cowardly.

Very truly yours,
Joseph H. Selby, Class of 1996

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