The Seder, A Night of Defiance and Liberation

April 2, 2015

….The sacrifice of the pascal lamb was in the grand tradition of Abraham smashing of the idols. Through it is hard for us to imagine, the Egyptians actually worshiped a lamb. It is for that reason that the Jewish people were commanded to slaughter a lamb and put its blood on the doorpost for all to see – an action that shouted, “A lamb is not a god!”. It is the role of the Jewish people to proclaim loudly and proudly, the Emperor wears no clothes!, the lamb is not a god and man is no god either. The role of being an idol buster is a historical role of the Jewish people and it is just as true today. There are so many trends that the Jewish people stand up against – all manner of violence and Godlessness – including unbending refusal to allow a nuclear Iran…READ MORE

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