A love letter to Israel

by Oliver Marjot
March 23, 2015

To my newfound Love,

I came to you, Israel, wanting to hate you. To be confirmed in my reasonable European certainty of your arrogant oppression, lounging along the mediterranean coast, facing West in your vast carelessness and American wealth. I wanted to appreciate your history, but tut over the arrogant folly of your present. I wanted to cross my arms smugly, and shake my head over you, and then leave you to fight your unjust wars. I wanted to take from you. To steal away some spiritual satisfaction, and sigh and pray, and shake my head over your spiritual folly as well. To see the sad spectacle of the Western wall, and bitterly laugh at your backward-looking notion that God sits high on Moriah Mount, distant and approachable.READ MORE

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2 Responses to A love letter to Israel

  1. A love letter to Israel, by Oliver Marjot is a beautiful piece written with such honesty, and hope that some day, many people will come to realize that Israel is the victim in the middle east hotbed of lunacy. Many more people need to take the Trek that Oliver took-to learn the truth, to educate themselves to the facts and history of Israel. I only wish more Proffessors, and people in Academia would take the time to learn the truth about the one democracy, the one miracle democracy that exists under threat in the middle east. Continue to share the beautiful story of Israel, the hope that Israelis have for a real peace, and the high standards of humanity that Israel lives by.

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  2. Judy Abeles Eliasov says:

    To Oliver Marjot
    Thank you so much for your letter. As you discovered, Israel is not perfect but is definitely a special and wonderful country with people of all faiths which faces difficulties and untold dangers. One of the greatest dangers is the prejudice of ignorant and ill informed people who are on a crusade of their “truth” backed by hatred and venom.
    Your letter is testimony to your ability to keep an open mind and experience a surprising dramatic shift in feeling and perspective. Please, when you can, come again!

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