Does G-d ask that I refrain from self defense?

by Andrew D. Lappin
September 5, 2015

Rabbi Albin has been my spiritual mentor for the last twenty years. As an Orthodox-Jew, his sincere openness has allowed me, and many other non-observant Jews, to receive his exceptionally gifted Torah insights. He has opened a world which would otherwise, due to my non-observant life-style, have been inaccessible…It seems that the zealousness of my opposition to the Iran agreement has caused me to violate the Jewish “laws of speech”. Apparently by speaking ill of specific individuals I have strayed into the realm of Loshan Horah, which strictly forbids even idle gossip, either positive or negative, about any individual even if the facts are true! This is not a good place to be as we approach the holiest days of the year. READ MORE

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