Indomitable Israeli Spirit: Tel Aviv Pub Reopens and Mayor shows up for a beer

Tel Aviv Pub Owner Says Reopening After Deadly Terror Attack ‘Will be Our Long-Term Victory’
by Ruthie Blum
January 8, 2016

A co-owner of the Tel Aviv pub that was the target of last Friday afternoon’s shooting attack explained to The Algemeiner why he reopened the establishment Wednesday night, even as police continued their manhunt for the terrorist, who has since been located and neutralized. Ori Mizrachi, one of five partners who opened the “Simta” (“alley”) in the White City exactly four months ago said that his fears about resuming “business as usual” were not related to physical danger. [The shooter, Nashat Milhem was discovered in Umm el-Fahm on Friday and killed by Israeli security forces during a gun battle.] The families of 26-year-old Alon Bakal, a Simta shift manager, and 30-year-old Shimon Ruimi, who was there attending the birthday party of a friend, were still sitting shiva…. “And we weren’t sure whether our attempt at showing that we will not be defeated by terrorism would be perceived as inappropriate.”READ MORE

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