Meet Bernie Sanders, now endorsed by Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers [VIDEO]

This is Bernie Sanders
January 7, 2016

Throughout his presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders has been Hillary Clinton’s strongest rival, by far, for the Democratic nomination. Huge numbers of people are very excited about this 74-year-old Senator from Vermont. His campaign rallies have drawn massive crowds, sometimes in the vicinity of 30,000 attendees. The Washington Post and Bill Maher, among many others, have noted Sanders’ “rock-star” appeal. And a recent poll of 75,000 voters in all 50 states found that Sanders had a higher approval rating (83%) among his constituents, than any other U.S. Senator. In short, Bernie Sanders is no fringe Democrat. Thus it is imperative for all Americans—whether they support him or not—to clearly understand who Sanders is, what he believes, and what he wants to make America look like. READ MORE

Bernie and Barack Address Overflow Crowd

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