“As part of the new plans being drawn up now, the IDF is also preparing for the possibility to attack without coordinating with the Americans

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
What the public doesn’t know about an attack on Iran
by Yoav Limor
December 17, 2021

…When Biden was elected US president, the option of an American attack on Iran was dropped, and then the penny dropped for Israel. At the start of this year, [new IDF Chief of Staff Yoav] Kochavi revived the military option in an aggressive speech at the Institute for National Security Studies. Once the new government was forced, he got the “box” he had been hoping for – special funding of over 5 billion shekels ($1.6 billion) for three years for preparations to attack Iran…The Israeli military currently has plans and capabilities, but the attention and resources allow it to improve them with every month that passes. This, incidentally, is why many senior Israeli officials support a return to the previous bad deal; it might not keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons, but it will keep it farther away from them…READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM Israel Hayom report on potential strike in Iran makes headlines in Arab media The in-depth analysis of a potential Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities by senior Israel Hayom commentator Yoav Limor was cited extensively by Arab media outlets over the weekend, which the majority of them focusing on the timeframe necessary for the IDF to be able to successfully mount such an attack.

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