Climate Justice: Obama admin decides that because the U.S. joined the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change back in 1992, this new treaty is not really a treaty. Sounds familiar.

Climate Deal Forecast: Frost for the U.S. Economy, Slush Funds for the Planet
by Claudia Rosset
April 23, 2016

One of the best catalogues of human folly is the 19th century book by Charles MacKay, “Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.MacKay chronicles a host of scams, superstitions and mass frenzies, including the South Sea Bubble, Tulipomania, Alchemy and Witch Mania. To this roster, some future historian may someday add the full tale of the early 21st century Climate Mania, in which a throng of politicians, United Nations bureaucrats, film stars and what not promised that if they were just given enough power over our use of lightbulbs, cars, planes, ships, oil, gas, electricity and energy in general, they would — for the greater good of mankind, mind you — arrange to control to within a few decimal points the temperature of the planet. For the moment, however, this is not history we are talking about. We are stuck in the acute phase of Climate Mania. READ MORE

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