Israel’s Unit 8200 takes the top 1% of the 1% of the country

Inside Israel’s Secret Startup Machine
by Richard Behar
May 31, 2016

Even in the hallowed annals of teenage hackerdom, this never-before-told story might top them all. In the early 1990s Avishai Abrahami found himself, as required for most Israelis when they graduate from high school, enlisting in the Israel Defense Forces. But Abrahami had been assigned to a division he wasn’t allowed to speak of, not even to his parents–a crack cybersecurity and intelligence team known as Unit 8200. He was given an assignment that seemed right out of Mission: Impossible. Break into the computers of a country that remained in a state of hostility with Israel…After leaving Unit 8200, he cofounded Wix, currently one of the world’s leading cloud-based Web-development platforms.READ MORE

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