Obama’s “dalliance with Iran mirrors Eisenhower’s courtship of Egypt”

How Obama is like Ike
by Clifford May
December 14, 2016

…So last week, when Barack Obama visited MacDill Air Force Base in Florida to give his final presidential address on national security, what did he have to say about Iran, its continuing use of terrorism, its supreme leader’s animosity toward the United States and its hegemonic ambitions? “Just think about what we’ve done these last eight years without firing a shot,” he boasted. “We’ve rolled back Iran’s nuclear program.” That was it — his one and only reference to Iran. And it was misleading. Iran’s rulers have frozen or slowed some components of their nuclear program — and let’s be clear, we’re talking about a nuclear weapons program. But other components, for example, ballistic-missile development and advanced research on centrifuges, have continued apace. READ MORE

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