#NYT worldview perfects the double standard when it comes to characterizing the territories–they’re no longer “disputed” only “occupied”. Why? Because the Palestinians said so.

At the New York Times, Special Words Reserved for Certain Territories
by Gilead Ini
January 2017

…The New York Times, however, refuses to refer to Gush Etzion and other Area C lands as “disputed.” Why? In response to enquiries from my organization, CAMERA, the newspaper’s foreign desk stated that it rejects the word “disputed” in part because Palestinians and their supporters reject it, arguing that it is shorthand for “not occupied.”…In insisting that settlements are “on Palestinian territory,” something the Times has done several times this year, the newspaper is not reporting. It is endorsing. It is treating as an undeniable truth political claims by one side while rejecting as fallacious those by the other side—notwithstanding the objective fact that there is indeed an unresolved dispute over the status of these territories and the location of a future border. READ MORE

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