9 Tips for Democrats e.g. “Stop Hating Us. Parents who would rather not have a man in a skirt pee next to their young daughter are not Nazis”

9 Hints: How Democrats Can Learn To Talk To ‘Real People’
by John Nolte
January 26, 2017

According to the leftwing Politico, Democrats are attending classes to learn tips on “how to talk to real people.” Politico only fabricates damaging stories to hurt Republicans, so this must be true. As someone who was a Democrat until his mid-twenties, as someone who grew up in a working class household, as someone who was once a member of the working class, let me see if I can’t help. Democrats want to better relate to the “real people” who helped elect President Trump, here is the best advice I can offer :

1. Step Away From the Pussy-Hats
This isn’t even a joke. What were you morons thinking running around all weekend on national television with your heads sticking out of cardboard vaginas? Listen, I’m the most live-and-let-live guy you’re ever gunna meet. As long as it doesn’t violate my rights or happen on my porch, how consenting adults live their lives is the least of my concerns. If Democrats want to represent weirdos, fine. READ MORE EXCELLENT AND HUMOROUS TIPS

BEACON The Democrats Retreat From Reality: Liberals cash in while the left takes control

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