Living as a closeted conservative on the uber-liberal Upper West Side…”I dare you to admit in public that you voted for Donald J. Trump. Just see what happens”

Mr. X Emerges From Hiding And Learns To Stay Mum In Era of President Trump
by Mr. X
February 27, 2017

At Fairway, I’m standing in the checkout line behind a lady with a walker. Congressman Jerry Nadler walks by carrying a basket of groceries. The old lady recognizes him and yells out: “When are you going to get rid of Trump?” Mr. Nadler, whom I’m sure is constantly accosted by his constituents on the Upper West Side, answers back with a smile: “We’re working on it.” I usually keep my mouth shut when it comes to these UWS moments; there’s just no way you win. But, uncharacteristically, I ask the lady: “How do you think he should do this?” “Impeach him,” she exclaims. “Just impeach him?” I ask. “What’s the crime?” READ MORE

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