#BenjaminAnthony: “One teaching from Israel’s experience that must be internalized by all is that the policy of unilateral, territorial concession is unworthy of consideration”

Some democracies can withdraw. Israel is not one of them.
by Benjamin Anthony
August 17, 2021

…Many invoke the [Gaza] disengagement as evidence that Jewish populations in Judea and Samaria may also be uprooted in exchange for a viable peace. Such opinions ought to be viewed askance. They ignore the lessons of the past and of the present. Far more congruent with the consequences of the Gaza withdrawal is the realization that unilateral withdrawal has not and will not work. Repeating the errors of Gaza in Judea and Samaria will simply repeat and expand the list of crises Israel faces. It’s societal rift will deepen and likely turn violent. READ MORE

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