“Contemporaneous Left utilizes the same methods as its French progenitors and progeny: ridicule, slander, lies and threats” [VIDEO]

Beheading King Trump XVI
By Fay Voshell
June 4, 2017

…But his position was very like that of President Trump in that he had a mob calling for his beheading. That the mob succeeded in their efforts changed European history, effectively bleeding the continent’s aristocracy to death until royalty was dealt the final coup de grace during WWI and its aftermath….Leaders of many of the subsequent variants of the French Revolution, such as the Bolsheviks and Maoists, wind up beheading people, economically, politically, socially and often literally, especially those undesirable classes considered ideologically “impure.” Therefore, it is not much of a surprise to see a known figure such as Kathy Griffin, who is very much aligned with the radically ideological Democrats, indicate she wants Trump dead. READ MORE

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