London Bridge…the tip of a growing iceberg

Terror Is Only a Symptom of a Greater Threat to Western Civilization
by Andrew D. Lappin
June 7, 2017

…Much of U.S. policy continues to be based on the antiseptic George W. Bush-era terminology of the “war on terror.” The sterile notation of “extremists” is still being used in order to misleadingly create a classification that is “ethnically inoffensive.” We’ve become adept at bombing the bad guys in foreign lands. But brilliant tactics and unparalleled technological advantage cannot be confused with comprehensive strategy. Until we develop a comprehensive strategy, we will never kill enough enemies in order to remain ahead of the terror curve. “Extremism” has not been the catalyst propelling nearly 31,000 events of violent terror that have occurred since 9/11. It has been Islamic extremism. READ MORE

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