In Buenos Aires and Paris–“they died, fundamentally, because they were Jews who attracted the ire of Islamists”

Alberto Nisman and Sarah Halimi: The Shared Fate of 2 Very Different Jews
by Ben Cohen
June 4, 2017

This is a story about the shared fate of two quite different Jews. They were separated from each other by continents and oceans. His native tongue was Spanish and hers was French. He lived in downtown Buenos Aires in a swanky bachelor’s apartment. She lived in a rundown suburb of Paris in a modest flat. He cut a dashing figure, often being photographed in public and giving frequent interviews to the media about his work. She was a kindly, shy widow, loved and quietly revered in her community for her work as a kindergarten teacher. She was older than him. But he died before she did, at a younger age. READ MORE

ARUTZ SHEVA Terrorist who murdered Sarah Halimi won’t stand trial?

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