Why aren’t we obsessing on Northern Ireland’s 50 “Peace Walls” [VIDEO]

Israeli “apartheid walls” and N. Ireland “peace walls”: A case study in media double standards
by Aron White
June 18, 2017

…There are many links between the conflict in Northern Ireland and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In both cases, the two sides were generally split on religious lines…The two groups also had strong links, with the IRA and PLO training together in Syria, exchanging bomb-making techniques, and even launching a joint attack in Brussels in 1979. But what is most significant about the Northern Ireland conflict, is that it helps show the double standard that exists in media coverage about Israel. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, and within it, there are both Protestant and Catholic communities. All around the city, there close to 50 “peace walls” — physical walls that keep Protestants and Catholics apart. READ MORE

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