Shaevitz’s Kosher Deli of Highland Park, IL “has been refining its hot dog recipe for generations. Now, it’s perfect”

The Best Kosher Hot Dog in the World
by Jonathan Zalman
August 4, 2017

…On Monday, my uncle, a Southsider who moved to Chicago’s north ‘burbs in the late ‘60s, was craving a hot dog. It was his birthday after all, and he had just the place: The small BBQ restaurant next to—and run by—Shaevitz’s Kosher Market and Deli in Highland Park, Illinois. I expected standard albeit excellent kosher fare—a Hebrew National Beef Frank, perhaps, or even, if I was lucky, a hot dog from Romanian Kosher Sausage Company, a wiener Chicagoans rightfully swear by. We ordered the hot dog and got fries with. READ MORE

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