Charlottesville: “We learned that Nazi websites had posted a call to burn our synagogue”

Leading Rabbi Urges Attorney General to Investigate Lack of Police Protection for Charlottesville Synagogue During Far-Right Protest
by Ben Cohen
August 16, 2017

A prominent American rabbi is urging Attorney General Jeff Sessions to launch an investigation into the Virginia police over widespread claims that officers failed to adequately protect a synagogue in Charlottesville during last weekend’s neo-Nazi rally in the city…As neo-Nazis and other far-right activists gathered for the “Unite the Right” rally on Saturday, about 40 Jews were attending Shabbat morning services at Charlottesville’s Congregation Beth Israel. In a Facebook post, the congregation’s president, Alan Zimmerman, described the terrifying scene of white nationalists armed with automatic weapons parading outside the synagogue. READ MORE


TRUTH REVOLT NYT Reporter Saw Antifa Beating Supremacists, But It Wasn’t ‘Hate-Filled’. Right, because beating somebody with a club is a loving gesture.

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