Correlation of anti-Israel, antisemitism, strongest among Muslims

UK study confirms what we knew: Strong link between anti-Israel and antisemitic views
by Miriam Elman
September 17, 2017

A joint report released last week by the Institute of Jewish Policy Research (JPR), a London-based think tank, and the Community Security Trust (CST), the communal Jewish defense body in the UK, found an “unambiguous association” between antisemitic and anti-Israel attitudes in Britain. The report—an in-depth investigation and analysis of animus toward Jews, the role of hatred directed toward Israel, and the prevalence of bigotry across the political spectrum in Britain today—makes for a sobering read. It’s the first major study of British attitudes to demonstrate with “pure, hard empiricism” what many Jews and others have been saying for a long time, namely the fact that there’s a tight empirical connection between a hatred of Israel and a hatred of Jews. READ MORE

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