Why does our president avoid acknowledging dead Jewish-Americans?

The Obama Administration and the Anonymity of Jewish Death
by Abraham H. Miller
November 24, 2015

…I had not thought of the anonymity of death in years, perhaps decades, and then I read about the tragic, wanton murder of eighteen-year-old Ezra Schwartz, an American student filling a gap year in Israel, whose crime, like those of his ancestors, was that he was a Jew...But the nation of his birth and his citizenship has officially, conspicuously, and contemptibly chosen to ignore his death as if it did not happen, as if it were meaningless, as if he were another cluster of ashes belching from an industrial chimney. The State Department was silent about Mr. Schwartz’s murder, as it had been in the deaths of other U.S. citizens in Israel as a result of Palestinian terror, including Richard Lakin, who was stabbed to death in Jerusalem on October 27; Eitam Henkin who was shot to death along with his wife in the presence of their four children on October 6, and three Americans brutally murdered in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood a year earlier. On Friday, November 20, John Kirby of the State Department finally issued a statement on Mr. Schwartz, but only after direct questioning from reporters about the incident. READ MORE

Click here to sign a White House petition (now nearing 50,000 signatures):
We Petition the Obama Administration to publicly acknowledge Ezra Schwartz, an 18-year old American citizen from Sharon, MA, was murdered by a terrorist.

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