7 Days in Entebbe: “From distorted portrayals of IDF soldiers to altering facts to turn “Zionism” into a derogatory term, this horrific film represents the zenith of Israel demonization” [VIDEO]

7 Days in Entebbe
by Jonathan Michanie
March 19, 2018

Throughout the film, the PLO terrorists are humanized and shown as moral figures who are simply pursuing the cause of independence from a “Zionist, tyrannical regime.” While barely addressing the decision-making processes of the Israeli government or the military planning of the operation, the producers of this film have successfully revised one of the most prominent military rescues of modern history…This film is a disgrace, an affront to all Israelis and a transparent attempt to elevate the Palestinian cause high enough to pardon the hijacking of a commercial airliner. READ MORE

THE MAVEN ‘7 Days in Entebbe’ Will Make You Mad as Hell

DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL BLOG 7 Days in Entebbe – Disgusting Palestinian Propaganda

ROTTEN TOMATOES 7 Days in Entebbe earns 23%


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