“The Third Reich is unthinkable without its propaganda. And Nazi propaganda is unthinkable without its films” [VIDEO]

New Documentary Film Sheds Light on Hitler’s Hollywood
by Simone Somekh
March 23, 2018

…This is the premise of Hitler’s Hollywood, a new documentary on the German film industry under the Nazi regime between 1933 and 1945, directed by Rüdiger Suchsland…Welcome to Adolf Hitler’s Hollywood. A monumental spectacle attentively orchestrated by Joseph Goebbels, the Reich’s Minister of Propaganda, whose job involved controlling all German media and, of course, movies. He controlled scripts, castings, everything…Narrated in its English version by German cult actor Udo Kier, Hitler’s Hollywood is a spine-chilling, yet also dreamy, 100-minute succession of scenes from Nazi-era movies, which emerge as precious historical documents and mirror the main obsessions of the regime. READ MORE

WASHINGTON POST Long-lost film that predicted rise of anti-Semitism has ominous message for today’s world

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