Washington Post column essentially suggests “Don’t Date Jewish Men”

A Response to WaPo’s Vaguely Anti-Semitic “Don’t Date Jewish Men” Column, from a Jewish Man
By Jacob Weindling
April 2, 2018

…For The Washington Post to publish this article demonstrates not just a level of insincerity towards Jews, but towards the very concept of journalism. Here’s the title of the post: I am tired of being a Jewish man’s rebellion. This Jewish man read it, and, well, he has some thoughts.  If you’re not familiar with fisking, it’s a column within a column about a column…But as a Jewish man who has dated both non-Jewish and Jewish women, I feel a certain responsibility to join the rest of my brethren online, and fisk the hell out of Carey Purcell’s batch of vaguely anti-Semitic nonsense. READ MORE

HAARETZ ‘She Was Trying on a Culture’: Why Jews Are Fuming at Washington Post Essay Lamenting Jewish Boyfriend

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