With #JordanPeterson, the Forward continues proud tradition of bashing those they disagree with by calling them Nazis, racists and misogynists

The Shameful, Unethical Smearing of Jordan Peterson
by Jonah Cohen
May 15, 2018

The Forward has published Ari Feldman’s big expose on clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, whose books and videos on religion, morality and psychology have made him an international sensation. Juxtaposing Peterson’s picture with Adolf Hitler’s, the headline on the article read: “Is Jordan Peterson Enabling Jew Hatred?”… In sum, what Feldman did was to 1) lie about a neo-Nazi’s opinion of Peterson; 2) use that lie to suggest he has a vast neo-Nazi following at the Daily Stormer; 3) conceal all the Jews who like him; and 4) seek out political partisans to smear him as a possible Holocaust denier. READ MORE

FRONT PAGE MAG Jordan Peterson Doesn’t Enable Jew-Hatred, The Forward Does

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