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Thanks to Jordan Peterson, “Clean Your Room” became a meme

NATIONAL REVIEW An Introduction to Jordan Peterson by Kyle Smith October 30, 2019 Built around interviews with Peterson, his family, his friends, and his detractors (there is some overlap among these groups), the documentary The Rise of Jordan Peterson is a … Continue reading

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#CreepyLine documentary explores the very dark sides of #Google and #Facebook

CHRISTIAN POST ‘Creepy Line’ Film Examines Facebook, Google’s Influence; Director Talks ‘Scary’ Way They Use Censorship by Michael Gryboski October 3, 2018 A new documentary examines the way in which sites like Google and Facebook can influence people’s thoughts through … Continue reading

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With #JordanPeterson, the Forward continues proud tradition of bashing those they disagree with by calling them Nazis, racists and misogynists

THE STANDARD The Shameful, Unethical Smearing of Jordan Peterson by Jonah Cohen May 15, 2018 The Forward has published Ari Feldman’s big expose on clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, whose books and videos on religion, morality and psychology have made him … Continue reading

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Cathy Newman and Jordan Peterson: “A Canadian professor questions a key tenet of current Leftist thinking” [VIDEO]

AMERICAN THINKER Why the Academic Left Fears and Loathes Dr. Jordan Peterson by John Dale Dunn January 26, 2018 After I wrote to others about my discovery of Peterson, I was directed by one reader to a recent Peterson media … Continue reading

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