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“Ben Shapiro and the future of American conservatism”

FREE BEACON Generation Shapiro by Matthew Continetti August 3, 2018 …After class, at meals, and in walks around campus, the politically engaged students invariably ask me the same question: What do I think of Ben Shapiro? Nor am I alone. … Continue reading

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“Israel’s self-interest is good for the Jews, good for the West and good for the world”

JEWISH JOURNAL Why Israel ? by Ben Shapiro April 11, 2018 …But over the past few decades, too many Jews have forgotten about the practical need for the Jewish state. In the same way too many Jews ignored the Zionist … Continue reading

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Ben Shapiro at Yale: “When someone asks you to check your privilege, you should ask them to check their character. More likely than not, it’s missing” [VIDEO]

DAILY WIRE Shapiro At Yale: ‘Diversity Isn’t Our Strength. Decency Is Our Strength.’ by Hank Berrien September 22, 2016 …Today, we’re going to talk about all the dumb, nonsense words that your professors, administrators, and students use on this campus … Continue reading

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