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“What makes Trudeau’s blackface scandalous is not that it is bigoted, but that it directly contradicts his carefully curated brand as a racially enlightened progressive”

DAILY WIRE The Left Tore Megyn Kelly Apart Just For Talking About Blackface. Justin Trudeau Deserves The Same Treatment. by Matt Walsh September 19, 2019 I am told that the revealed blackface photos of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio Discusses Syrian Refugee Crisis and proper US response

Senator Rubio points out some nuances of the Syrian refugee story

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Brooke Goldstein: Moral equivalency and the bigotry of low expectations

Brooke Goldstein OBLITERATES defender of Obama’s moral equivalence between terrorists and Israelis

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Fox Wins, Everyone Else Loses

AMERICAN THINKER by Karin McQuillan August 10, 2015 We’re told there were no winners or losers from Thursday’s main stage debate.  We’re told the Fox talking heads asked the tough questions that need to be asked to vet the candidates.  … Continue reading

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Megyn Kelly launches into Bill O’Reilly: ‘Should we get rid of all Jews?’

AMERICAN THINKER by Karen McQuillan May 5, 2015 In his O’Reilly Factor segment on the Texas jihadi attack last night, Bill O’Reilly made the mistake of criticizing Pam Geller’s Mohammed cartoon free speech event to Megyn Kelly.  Three hundred brave … Continue reading

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