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“In one slide from the presentation, Inoue argued that grading students based on their performance is an extension of America’s racism”

BREITBART Ball State Guest Lecturer: Using Proper Grammar Is Racist by Tom Ciccotta October 24, 2019 According to a report by the College Fix, Arizona State University Associate Dean and Professor Asao Inoue made the case that using proper grammar … Continue reading

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“What makes Trudeau’s blackface scandalous is not that it is bigoted, but that it directly contradicts his carefully curated brand as a racially enlightened progressive”

DAILY WIRE The Left Tore Megyn Kelly Apart Just For Talking About Blackface. Justin Trudeau Deserves The Same Treatment. by Matt Walsh September 19, 2019 I am told that the revealed blackface photos of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are … Continue reading

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“A recently released transcript shows just how biased the New York Times really is and how little they want to do to fix it”

THE FEDERALIST The New York Times Is Clueless About Conservatives by David Marcus August 16, 2019 This week, Slate released a transcript of a meeting held by New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet and his staff. The meeting was … Continue reading

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The Left’s Bigotry of Low Expectations — which makes them racists.

TIMES OF ISRAEL You are the racist, actually, not me by Rachel Moore December 30, 2016 I am an Orthodox Jewish settler raising seven children in the West Bank. I’m also an American citizen and I voted for Donald Trump. … Continue reading

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How White Liberals REALLY View Blacks [VIDEO]

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“The notion of white skin privilege became an article of faith among progressives, accounting for everything that was racially wrong in America, beginning with its constitutional framework”

FRONT PAGE MAG The Ugly Racism of ‘Whiteness Studie’s Programs by John Perazzo August 1, 2016 When a pair of black separatists recently murdered five police officers in Dallas and three others in Baton Rouge, they were aiming, by their … Continue reading

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#Obama : “If many Americans feel as if the nation is heading toward an abyss, it is due in no small measure to the same person who is, belatedly, trying to calm public opinion”

COMMENTARY Unraveling Obama’s False Narratives by Jonathan Tobin July 10, 2016 …Throughout his presidency and in particular during the last two years since the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014, he and other administration figures, such as former Attorney … Continue reading

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