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Derrick Wilburn, a black man and descendant of slaves, speaks on the subject of CRT

FEDERALIST Colorado School Board Bans Critical Race Theory After Black Father’s Fiery Speech by Gabe Kaminsky August 20, 2021 A school board in Colorado Springs, Colorado, banned critical race theory from being taught after a black father gave a speech … Continue reading

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What many think, but few have the courage to speak: “I object to the view that I should be judged by the color of my skin. I cannot tolerate a school that not only judges my daughter by the color of her skin, but encourages and instructs her to prejudge others by theirs”

NEW YORK POST Dad who wrote scathing letter to Brearley about race focus: ‘Someone had to’ by Dana Kennedy April 17, 2021 A father fed up with an elite Manhattan prep school’s heavy-handed focus on race won’t re-enroll his daughter … Continue reading

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The newest racism “constructs a purported racial pathology to encourage segregation and separation from all members of the white race, thereby limiting all “exposure” to a toxic people”

REAL CLEAR POLITICS Is Racism Moral Now? by Victor Davis Hanson March 29, 2021 Racism is the deductive bias against, and often hatred of, an entire racial group. It is often birthed by dislike of particular individuals of a given … Continue reading

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A haunting question threatened the psyches of many Black Americans after the civil rights era: What do I do with my life when the “deliverance quest” for which I was searching finally has been delivered by the republic of the United States?

THE HILL Reparations: A Black existential crisis and supremacy for liberal whites by Jason D. Hill February 22, 2021 …The demand for reparations is a response to a crisis of meaning in the lives of many Black Americans living in … Continue reading

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“On how Princeton’s crusade against systemic racism has backfired”

NEW CRITERION Keywords: hoist, petard by Roger Kimball November 2020 Perhaps we ought to have included “chickens” and “roost” among the keywords as well. For many years now, woke administrators, professors, and other activists at all the toniest colleges have … Continue reading

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Academia’s monolithic belief in systemic racism will further erode American institutions and the principles of our civilization

CITY JOURNAL Conformity to a Lie by Heather Mac Donald Summer 2020 …What if the racism explanation for ongoing disparities is wrong, however? What if racial economic and incarceration gaps cannot close without addressing personal responsibility and family culture—without a … Continue reading

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#BLM An Orthodox–and conservative–Jewish professor explains why he’s not attending his employer’s reeducation programming

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SCHOLARS See Clearly, Decide Wisely, Act Justly by Jeffrey J. Poelvoorde June 15, 2020 Editor’s Note: This open letter was written by Jeffrey J. Poelvoorde, an associate professor of history and politics at Converse College. It is … Continue reading

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“In one slide from the presentation, Inoue argued that grading students based on their performance is an extension of America’s racism”

BREITBART Ball State Guest Lecturer: Using Proper Grammar Is Racist by Tom Ciccotta October 24, 2019 According to a report by the College Fix, Arizona State University Associate Dean and Professor Asao Inoue made the case that using proper grammar … Continue reading

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“What makes Trudeau’s blackface scandalous is not that it is bigoted, but that it directly contradicts his carefully curated brand as a racially enlightened progressive”

DAILY WIRE The Left Tore Megyn Kelly Apart Just For Talking About Blackface. Justin Trudeau Deserves The Same Treatment. by Matt Walsh September 19, 2019 I am told that the revealed blackface photos of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are … Continue reading

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“A recently released transcript shows just how biased the New York Times really is and how little they want to do to fix it”

THE FEDERALIST The New York Times Is Clueless About Conservatives by David Marcus August 16, 2019 This week, Slate released a transcript of a meeting held by New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet and his staff. The meeting was … Continue reading

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