Fox Wins, Everyone Else Loses

by Karin McQuillan
August 10, 2015

We’re told there were no winners or losers from Thursday’s main stage debate.  We’re told the Fox talking heads asked the tough questions that need to be asked to vet the candidates.  We’re told to ignore what was in front of our eyes: the Fox media elite carrying water for the Republican establishment and their own political predilections. Fox had their own agenda, and it has nothing to do with Republican voters’ concerns or what our candidates have to offer America…I wanted to hear the candidates, including Trump, on how we are going to face the greatest national security threat since the fall of Hitler – a nuclear, unfettered Iran. If the Democrats in Congress kowtow to the Obama capitulation to Iran, by the next election, our new president might very well be faced with a nuclear Iran, with ICBM missiles and 120 billion dollars to finance terrorism and reach America…Fox’s prime-time debate questions were designed to promote one star: Megyn Kelly. READ MORE

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