“What makes Trudeau’s blackface scandalous is not that it is bigoted, but that it directly contradicts his carefully curated brand as a racially enlightened progressive”

The Left Tore Megyn Kelly Apart Just For Talking About Blackface. Justin Trudeau Deserves The Same Treatment.
by Matt Walsh
September 19, 2019

I am told that the revealed blackface photos of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are “shocking.” I can think of several different words to describe them — “hilarious” certainly being one — but I would not personally call them shocking. Anyone who has been paying attention cannot be shocked that the wokest white boy this side of the Atlantic has this sort of thing in his past…Consider what happened to Megyn Kelly when she merely talked about blackface on her NBC show.  All she did was argue that sometimes blackface isn’t racist — sometimes it’s meant as a tribute, not an insult — and for that, she was pilloried, attacked, and eventually fired. READ MORE

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