#JordanPeterson censored for his views on #EllenPage #ElliotPage and the #TransMovement

Twitter Silences Jordan Peterson For Thought Crimes
by Matthew Vadum
July 21, 2022

Courageous truth-teller Jordan Peterson has been suspended from Twitter for daring to express an opinion that opposes the agenda of transgenderism, a take-no-prisoners ideology that he believes threatens the very underpinnings of both our society and Western civilization as a whole. Commentator Lisa Boothe summed up the state of play in recent tweets, which themselves place her in jeopardy of expulsion from Twitter. “The transgender stuff needs to be a red line,” she wrote. “We cannot live in a world of fiction and make believe.” “If they can convince society that dudes can be girls and girls can be dudes, we are officially owned. Down is up and up is down. There is no wrong or right at that point,” Boothe wrote. READ MORE

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