“For more than 100 years, the Jews of Privilege in both Europe and America have bitterly opposed Zionism”

The Jews of Privilege are the Jews of Amnesia
Benjamin Kerstein
July 18, 2022

Had it not been for a recent article on this site by Lenny Ben-David, I would not have known that Jeremy Ben-Ami, head of the left-wing lobby J Street, has criticized the agenda of U.S. President Joe Biden’s current visit to Israel, and along with it the Abraham Accords and the move by many Arab states to normalize relations with the Jewish state. The J Street head essentially declared normalization meaningless and claimed “there will be no lasting peace” without a Palestinian state. This, of course, is a talking point widely adopted by the anti-Israel left ever since the Abraham Accords were announced. READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM American Jewish leaders should lead or get out of the way Four ideological camps foment anti-Jewish bigotry: white nationalists, black nationalists, progressives and Islamists. The BDS movement incites against Jews in the name of Palestinian nationalism and human rights. Critical Race Theory paints Jews as undeservedly privileged whites. “Woke antisemitism” makes Jew-hatred socially acceptable, fashionable and even virtuous.

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