“Pro-Palestinian online activists set off internet storm with claim American-born Rebecca shot dead #RazanNajjar on Friday, but she hasn’t been in army for years and wasn’t a sniper”

IDF vet gets death threats after she’s falsely accused of killing Gaza medic
by Judah Ari Gross
June 3, 2018

A demonstrably false claim started spreading on social media sites around the world on Friday night, accusing a long-since-released IDF soldier, Rebecca, of being the sniper who shot dead a Palestinian medic during violent clashes along the Gaza border earlier that day. Amid widespread Palestinian and international anger over the killing of Razan Najjar, a 21-year-old volunteer paramedic, during a riot along the security fence, the baseless accusation about Rebecca spread rapidly on social media, prompting threats against the former servicewoman, her friends, and family members. READ MORE

JEWISH PRESS Gazans Caught Lying, Post Pics of Civilian, Claim She Shot Terror-Supporting Nurse

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