You need to understand why being a #Zionist is a good thing

Myth #6: Zionism Versus Hamas – They’re [Somehow] Really the Same
by Micha Mitch Danzig
June 16, 2018

…First, my “cause” and the cause of most Jews and Zionists is to simply support the right of the Jewish people to continue to be sovereign and free in their indigenous homeland, the land of Israel. We do this so that we are no longer dhimmi in Arab lands subject to further pogroms and massacres. And, we believe in Zionism and Israel so we will always have a safe haven to turn to (when the dark hatred of Anti-Semitism rears its ugly face anywhere in the world and becomes rapacious, as it often has throughout history). READ MORE

Myth #1: Before 1948, Muslims, Christians and Jews Lived in Palestine in Harmony

Myth #2: The Idea of a Jewish State Started with the Balfour Declaration

Myth #3: Sabra and Shatila and Deir Yassin & EVEN IF Jews Lived Here at Some Point

Myth #4: Peaceful Arabs vs. Violent Nazi-Like Zionists?

Myth #5: Conspiracy Theory: ISIS Doing Israel’s Work?

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