Using children to further political goals: US media take a leaf right out of the Palestinian book

From Israel to America: The dangerous weaponization of children
by Eldad Beck
June 21, 2018

This “conscientious mobilization,” similar to that which accuses Israel of intentionally murdering children, not only turns children into political soldiers, but increases the risk to their security and well-being. The Palestinians understand that images of children wounded by IDF gunfire are the best tactic for promoting hatred of Israel in the world—just as human traffickers who smuggle illegal aliens into Europe understand that images of children who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea are the best guarantee for the continuation of their business. READ MORE

NATIONAL REVIEW Rich Lowry: The Truth about Separating Kids Some economic migrants are using children as chits, but the problem is fixable — if Congress acts.

DAILY MAIL ‘They’re together and safe’: Father of Honduran two-year-old who became the face of family separation crisis reveals daughter was never separated from her mother, but the image of her in tears at U.S. border control ‘broke his heart’Denis said his wife and daughter were never separated by border control agents and remain together.

DAILY WIRE Ben Shapiro: TIME Magazine’s Shocking Cover Is A Total Lie. No Wonder Americans Don’t Trust The Media.

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