Israeli Patriot missiles bring down Syrian fighter jet

IDF shoots down Syrian fighter jet that entered Israeli airspace
by Judah Ari Gross
July 24, 2018

The Israeli Air Force shot down a Syrian fighter jet that traveled two kilometers into Israeli airspace on Tuesday afternoon, the military said. Syrian state-run media confirmed the jet was shot down but said it was inside its own airspace. “Two Patriot missiles were fired at a Syrian Sukhoi-model fighter jet,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement…  According to Sky News Arabia, the plane crashed inside southwest Syria, in the Yarmouk Basin, an area still under the control of the Islamic State terrorist group. One of the pilots, identified as Col. Amran Mara’e, was killed when the plane was shot down. READ MORE

i24 NEWS Islamic State publishes photos said showing Syrian jet shot down by Israel The photos, published by the group’s Amaq propaganda arm and circulated over social media networks, show the charred wreckage of what the jihadists claim to be the Syrian “Sukhoi” fighter shot down by two Israeli Patriot missiles on Tuesday afternoon.

JERUSALEM POST Second David’s Sling missile fell in Syria without hitting target A second David’s Sling interceptor missile landed in Syria without hitting its target, a SS-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missile, it was cleared for release on Tuesday. Two of the half-ton surface-to-surface missiles were launched by the Syrian Arab Army Monday as part of its offensive against rebels along the border with Israel’s strategic Golan Heights.

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